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Floral Scented Candle, Diffuser & Room Mist Combo

R 930.00 R 600.00

Bringing you a combination of our our 200ml diffuser and a 400ml, 3-wick candle with bamboo lid to keep out the dust between burns, PLUS we are including a 100ml room spray as our Valentine's gift to you!

(Our candle containers are re-usable after being give a good wash.)

Allow the notes of magnolia, orange blossom, tuberose and narcissus fill a specially chosen space in your home.


Candle Safety & How Long will my Diffuser Last?

Your diffuser will last at least 3 months. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and drafty spaces.

Candle Safety

  1. Place your candle on a level surface. If your candle is not on a level surface, it will burn unevenly, reducing the overall burn time.
  2. Place your candle in a draft free location. If your candle is not in a draft free location, the flame can be dangerous, but it will also cause an improper burn which can lead to soot deposits and/or reduction of overall burn time.
  3. Never leave a candle unsupervised. Choose where you burn your candle carefully keeping the flame away from drafts, curtains, papers and other flammable items around the home.
  4. Keep burning candles out of reach of children and pets.
  5. Protect your furnishings from the heat. Scented candles can become quite hot after burning for more than 3 hours. So ensure candles are placed on a heat resistant surface.
  6. Remove candles from their packaging and discard all labels before burning.
  7. Never let your candle burn right down to the base of the glass as this can cause the glass to shatter, always leave at least 1cm of wax in the base of the glass.

Lighting Your Candle

The first time you use your new candle, burn for at least 2-3 hours, allowing the wax to burn evenly across the surface this will give you maximum fragrance and an even burn. Scented candles develop a ‘burn memory’ and a candle that has not been burnt right to the edges on its initial use, will ‘tunnel’ and burn unevenly through the centre of the wax.

Trim the wick

  1. Always trim your wick to about 0.6cm before you re-light your candle.
  2. If you do not trim the wick regularly, if the candle is in a draft or is left to burn too long you may get a “mushroom” of carbon on the end of the wick. This may cause some soot to collect on the inside of the container. If this happens, extinguish your candle, wait for it to cool, wipe off the carbon marks with a clean damp cloth and re-light.
  3. When trimming the wick, be certain to remove all burned wick matter.
  4. Never drop matches or other foreign objects into candles.
  5. Never burn a candle for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time.
  6. Be sure to not over trim the wick. If the wick is too short it will result in too small of a flame and the melt pool will not reach the edges of the container.

Extinguishing Your Candle

  1. When extinguishing your candle, never blow out the flame. This can not only damage the candle, but will also taint your beautifully scented room with the smell of smoke!
  2. Extinguish your candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax and straighten. This will stop the wick smoking and will help with re-lighting the next time.



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