Catherine Thompson

Have you ever thought WTF – and I’m not talking, “Wow! That’s Fabulous!” – I’m talking “What the Flip?” when you see the latest price of your favourite bottle of perfume?   Well, now you can afford a different perfume every day as well as layering your home with fabulous fragrances with WTF – a local brand making all things fabulously fragrant!

Catherine Thompson and Jenny Arthur

Catherine Thompson and Jenny Arthur are cousins and the ladies behind the brand ‘What’s That Fragrance’.  For many years Cath honed her craft as a well-known candle maker under the name of the Hotwax Candle Company, manufacturing candles, diffusers and room sprays for some well-known retail stores.  

Jenny has always been obsessed with perfume and can match a perfume to each stage in her life, dating back to the first perfume she received through a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription when she was sixteen!  



In March last year, an idea for a perfume range was born out of a brainstorming session over a cappuccino. Two weeks later they launched their perfumes to the public at a garden market and they haven’t looked back!  

“Our diffusers have almost started a cult following with people returning time and time again for refills!”  says Cath.

In classic white or clear glass, they compliment any space and are perfect as a pick-me-up gift for yourself or for a friend.  The Room Mists are also ideal for home and office and their hand poured candles give hours of beautifully scented burn.

For a list of their products and for more information, visit their online store at Add the code TSGirl at checkout for a special offer of 10% off any purchase over R400 – valid until the end of November!